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Film your life's story

You have a history.  A biography.  To tell now.  To enjoy now.  To share now.  To last forever.


Biography Productions specializes in the filming of professional documentaries recounting the stories of people's lives.  These can be produced for you, for your family or for an organization.  What's most important is recording this history now, so others may enjoy hearing and learning from your achievements and triumphs before it's too late.


We collaborate with you to preserve your memories on high definition video, integrating personalized interviews with film, photos, music--all of which will richly illustrate the life you've led.  The life you and others desire to have recorded and cherished and remembered forever.

Everyone has a story to tell  ~  We want to film yours

Choose from one of the following three standard packages offered:

video biography, life story

Bronze Biography

video biography, life story

15-minute mini-documentary on a particular aspect or accomplishment in your life, using video and photos to illustrate this momentus occurance • perfect for debuting at birthdays, special occassions or placing on websites

Silver Biography

30-minute film documenting your life, with lifestyle (b-roll) footage and over 2 hours of interviews, plus title cards, music and narration • great for a detailed look on one particular part or a general overview of your life

video biography, life story

Gold Biography

60-minute in-depth feature profile on you and your achievements, including over 4 hours of interviews with you and others, lifestyle (b-roll) footage, photos, narration--everything to best illustrate the many facets of your life • ideal for families and couples, too

video biography, life story
• A little bit of time and expense now will produce a
priceless family heirloom for generations to come •
video biography, life story
video biography, life story

It's simple:  A film can

illustrate your life better than any

other medium  •  Others will not only learn

about your life, but will hear you tell it, complete with the passion and zest only you can provide  •  And while they are listening to you, they can also watch it unfold in front of them in the form of cherished photos and archival footage  •  A personal, entertaining and enlightening film typically reserved for corporately-funded documentaries featuring historically famous people can now be yours for a fraction of what Hollywood would charge for something similar  •  A better question is: 

Why have you waited so long?

André Maurois (1885-1967) French author and biographer

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