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About Us

A glance at the daily obituaries sadly not only reminds us who we are losing, but also of all the amazing and inspiring stories that will never be recorded from which others may learn and enjoy.  History that is lost forever. Our passion is to change that.  One story at a time.  Everyone has a history worthy of remembering.  Everyone should have a video biography produced of his or her life. 


That is only part of the inspiration for the founder of Biography Productions, J.J. Gaines, to embark on this journey of recording as many people’s biographies as possible before it’s too late.


Growing up listening to tales of his own family’s immigration to America from Sweden and Russia, the terrible tragedies and life-changing triumphs they endured in those travels, plus the hardships of World War I, the Great Depression and World War II, has imprinted the importance of storytelling and capturing a family’s history for current and future generations before that access is no longer available.

J.J. Gaines




J.J. has produced hundreds of television commercials, industrial films, infomercials, music videos and documentaries in his 25 years working in the broadcast industry. He has been involved in film production as a writer, producer, business manager and director on a wide range of projects including multi-million dollar commercials and infomercials for major companies and clients such as Mattel, California Department of Health Services, CBS Entertainment, American Suzuki Motor Corp., PETsMART, FHP Healthcare, Body by Jake, Shakey’s Pizza,, the City of Half Moon Bay, Cleveland Golf and a host of other corporate entities.


He is determined and unwavering in his drive to bring his vast production experience to work for as many families as possible to document their histories and life stories in the form of video biograpies for future generations before that knowledge is lost forever.

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