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If a 15-minute, 30-minute or 60-minute biography doesn't seem to be the right amount of time to tell your story, we can customize the length of your video biography to be shorter than 15 minutes or longer than 1 hour.


Typically, a 5-10 minute video will start around $500.


A 2-hour video will start around $7,500.


Let us know your needs, and we'll tailor a video to meet your budget and your vision for the life story you wish to have told.


If it's a couple who wish to be interviewed together to tell their life story, the costs will increase by a factor of 1.5, and the length of the video will increase by a factor of about 1.5.  This means that, for instance, our Silver Biography, with a starting cost of $2,750 will increase to about $4,125.  And the length of the video will expand from 1 hour to about 1.5 hours.





Custom Biography

Please contact us for a more precise accounting of the costs that go into making up a Custom Biography, including the special extras you may desire to be included in your personal video biography.

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