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Silver Biography

Please contact us for a more precise accounting of the costs that go into making up a Silver Biography, including the special extras you may desire to be included in your personal video biography.

For those who wish their life story be told as fully as possible in a 30-minute video, a Sliver Biography might be best.


A Silver Biography includes:


  • Videotaped interview (about 2 hours interviewing the subject of the video)

  • Lifestyle shoot (taping B-roll footage of the subject in an environment illustrative of that person)

  • A finished video of up to 30 minutes in length

  • An unlimited number of photos and videos of the subject

  • Up to 2 pieces of stock music used in the production

  • A voice-over narrator and/or titlecards

  • Uploaded to up to two YouTube, Vimeo or other online video hosting destinations

  • 2 DVD copies


Starting price:  $2,750

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