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Video Biography Samples

Click on the clips below to see and hear excerpts from the following video biographies produced by bioprods

Ken & Frances Snyder

Ken and Frances describe being introduced by Ken's roommate at Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania, dating, and their unusual Quaker marriage ceremony.

This is a sample from the biography produced for the Snyder Family on the life and times of their parents, Ken and Frances.  Sadly, Kenneth Snyder passed on in 2011.

Walter Gaines

Walter recounts his time as a flight surgeon at an air force base in New Guinea during World War II, the invasion of Okinawa, the atomic bombings and the end of the war.

This is an excerpt from a video biography produced of J.J.'s father which has been the catalyst for his passion in this field.  Walter died in 2009.

Dora Provin

This is a short piece from a video produced specifically for Dora so she could remember her life story.  Sadly, she passed on only a year after our interview.

Dora explains the challenges in her life as a little girl growing up on several farms in rural Washington State, and moving to Tacoma due to her father's failing health.

Kathryn Robinson

From Michigan farm girl to living in Puerto Rico, Venezuela and Liberia with her husband and her pet monkey, Popeye, Kathryn led a fascinating life.

This account  is from a video biography produced of J.J.'s grandmother when she was almost 99.  She lived to be 100.

Beverly Gaines

This is from J.J.'s mother's video biography of her life story, and who, now at 85, is happy for the memories this video provides her.

Beverly tells of her discovery of the harp, becoming a certified music practitioner, and how very rewarding playing for patients and staff at a Bay Area hospital has become for her.

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